Current rate for Litecoin: $74.68 . Change over the last 24 hours: 1.30% .
Market capitalization: $5,502,203,948. Trade volume over 24 hours: $430,334,081.
Market Cap$5,502,203,948
24h Volume$430,334,081

Litecoin, often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that has garnered substantial attention since its inception in 2011. Designed by Charlie Lee, it was created to offer faster transaction times and a higher volume of transactions compared to Bitcoin. Its efficiency and decentralization have made it a favorite among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. With its steady growth in value and adoption, Litecoin has become a frequent choice for online casinos, exchanges, and other platforms that require rapid and reliable transactions. Those interested in a combination of security, speed, and a robust community will find Litecoin a commendable option for both gaming and trading.

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