Current rate for Monero: $167.52 . Change over the last 24 hours: 3.33% .
Market capitalization: $3,090,133,227. Trade volume over 24 hours: $28,838,339.
Market Cap$3,090,133,227
24h Volume$28,838,339

Monero, commonly referred to by its ticker XMR, stands out in the crowded cryptocurrency space due to its unparalleled focus on privacy and anonymity. Launched in 2014, it operates on the principle that all transactions should be confidential and untraceable. With stealth addresses and ring confidential transactions, Monero ensures that the sender, recipient, and amount remain hidden. Its distinct privacy features have found a niche in online casinos, especially among players who prioritize discretion. A growing number of online gaming platforms have started accepting Monero, appreciating its inherent security measures. For gamers who value complete anonymity in their online transactions, Monero is often the cryptocurrency of choice. Its unique benefits underscore its significance in the digital gambling ecosystem.

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