Current rate for XRP: 0.4874156 . Change over the last 24 hours: -0.12% .
Market capitalization: $27,109,171,468. Trade volume over 24 hours: $503,109,064.
Market Cap$27,109,171,468
24h Volume$503,109,064

Ripple, or XRP, crafted in 2012, differentiates itself as a digital payment protocol more than a mere cryptocurrency. It was sculpted with the vision to enable instant, cross-border transactions, making international remittances swift, low-cost, and secure. Unlike the decentralized nature of most cryptocurrencies, Ripple operates on a more centralized ecosystem, leading to both admiration and skepticism in the crypto community. With strategic partnerships with major global banks and financial establishments, Ripple is transforming how international transactions are processed. Within the digital gaming domain, Ripple’s fast, low-fee transactions make it an attractive option for online casinos, providing gamers and traders with a frictionless experience.

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