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Mir is a domestic payment card system in Russia, designed to provide a secure and convenient way for users to make various financial transactions. The Mir payment cards are widely accepted in Russia and are often used by individuals and businesses for everyday payments, including online purchases and casino deposits.

Mir cards are known for their accessibility to Russian residents, and they offer a reliable and straightforward payment solution. Users can link their Mir cards to their bank accounts and easily deposit funds into their online casino accounts. This makes Mir a popular choice among Russian online casino players.

Mir cards come with various features, including contactless payment options, and they can be used for both offline and online transactions. With a focus on providing secure and efficient payment services, Mir has gained trust among users in Russia and is accepted at numerous online casinos operating in the country.

Adding Mir as a payment option allows online casinos to cater to a broader audience of Russian players, making it a valuable addition to their list of supported payment methods.

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