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Bona Fides

The Bona Fides affiliate program is based on blockchain technology, ensuring unparalleled fairness and security in transactions. All operations are conducted using Tplay tokens and recorded in the blockchain, eliminating the possibility of theft. This program offers 24/7 support, an extensive library of advertising materials for selection or customization, as well as timely payouts in the chosen cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Partners can expect unlimited income by bringing in more traffic and utilizing a payout system with virtually limitless growth potential. The affiliate program works with well-known online casinos such as FairSpins and Weiss.

More About the Program

The commission structure of Bona Fides includes up to 45% of revenue, calculated using a complex formula that takes into account bets, winnings, promotions, deposits, and payouts. The system offers flexible commission options, including classic CPA (up to $500 per player depending on geography and source) and hybrid commissions (CPA + RevShare). Bona Fides also offers a unique opportunity for earning through a sub-affiliate program, allowing partners to invite new affiliates and receive 5% of their lifetime earnings.

One of the key advantages of the program is its transparency and reliability thanks to blockchain technology, as well as the absence of negative balance carryovers and retroactive changes in partner terms. Partners are guaranteed to receive a 45% RevShare in the first month after registration, and then from 25% to 45% depending on the number of initial deposits. The commission percentage increases with the volume of traffic, and real-time statistics in the partner dashboard allow for instant campaign adjustments.

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