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Get a 11% cashback bonus up to $∞. No wagering requirements for cashback!

How to get a bonus
  1. Play any slots and level up
  2. With each level, your cashback will increase, and the time in which you receive it will decrease
  3. Receive 5-11% from losses at levels 1-7 and 0.25% from each bet at level 8
  4. Use the cashback at your discretion - play further or withdraw immediately
Play at 1xSlots casino, elevate your level from Copper to VIP Status and receive cashback and other privileges!
Cashback Bonus
Bonus details

Cashback is a return of a portion of your expenses based on your gaming activity in the form of money. The cashback is dynamic: it changes from levels 1 to 7 depending on your gaming activity. As you reach each subsequent level, you increase the percentage and frequency of the returned funds. The transition to the next tier occurs after you accumulate the necessary experience points for it. At level 8, “VIP Status”, you begin to receive a cashback of 0.25% not from losses, but from any bet, regardless of whether it won or lost.


The bonus is provided by 1xSlots casino

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Cashback Bonus

A return of a certain percentage of losses or bets over a specified period. It's a way to mitigate losses and provide relief to players.
Can the cashback bonus be withdrawn immediately?

It depends on the casino and the promotion conditions. Sometimes you need to play through the bonus first and then withdraw it.

Is there an expiration date for the bonus?

Yes, many bonuses have an expiration date. So activate and use the bonus before it expires!

What is a cashback bonus in a casino?

A cashback bonus is a cool feature that allows players to get back some of the funds spent if luck turns away. It's like insurance against loss - you lose less, win more!

What does the cashback percentage come from – the deposit or losses?

Usually, cashback is calculated from lost bets, but there are exceptions. Study the terms carefully!

Can I use several bonuses at once?

Typically, casinos don’t allow activating several bonuses simultaneously. So, seize the moment and use it to the max!

What amount can be expected?

The amount of cashback depends on your bets and the specific casino conditions. Usually, it's a percentage of the amount lost over a certain period.

Is there an expiration date for the bonus?

Yes, usually, the bonus has limited time. Don’t dawdle, check the terms and use the bonus while it’s valid!

Is there a wager on cashback?

Different casinos have different rules. Sometimes there is a wager, sometimes there isn’t. Read the terms to avoid any hassle!

How to know about new promotions and bonuses?

Subscribe to the casino newsletter or follow the news on the site. And then you'll be the first to know about all hot offers!

Can I use the bonus in any game?

It depends on the casino. Some allow you to use bonuses in all games, others may limit the choice.

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