Good news! TocoEx supports USD, but there's no cash support.

TocoEx crypto exchange — Review and our professional feedback

Fast, convenient, and functional crypto exchange service
Bitcoin | Reserve: 2Ethereum | Reserve: 44Tether (BEP-20) | Reserve: 100000Tether (ERC-20) | Reserve: 100000Tether (TRC-20) | Reserve: 100000
Good news! TocoEx supports USD, but there's no cash support.

TocoEx crypto exchange — Review and our professional feedback

Fast, convenient, and functional crypto exchange service
Bitcoin | Reserve: 2Ethereum | Reserve: 44Tether (BEP-20) | Reserve: 100000Tether (ERC-20) | Reserve: 100000Tether (TRC-20) | Reserve: 100000

TocoEx Exchanger Overview

TocoEx, established in 2018, is a convenient crypto exchange for casino enthusiasts and active players. The platform offers anonymous transactions for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Supporting various currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether in TRC20, BEP20, ERC20 formats, it is ideally suited for the dynamic needs of players. The platform accepts various payment methods such as SEPA, Sberbank, Tinkoff, and Alfa-Bank, ensuring smooth and easy transactions.

The exchange process on the site is optimized and consists of four simple steps, starting from placing an order to confirming the payment, designed for fast and efficient transaction service for players. TocoEx also offers a referral program with rewards, adding an engaging element of interaction for users.

What sets TocoEx apart is its regular cryptocurrency prize draw of $50 for any participant who completes an exchange and leaves a review. This is particularly appealing to the gaming community, offering an added thrill.

Unique features of TocoEx include cryptocurrency exchange services, including those for corporate clients, and cash exchange in specific cities, making it a comprehensive solution for the financial needs of gambling enthusiasts. It also offers international fiat currency transfers and financial consulting, broadening its appeal.

Interface and User-Friendliness

TocoEx stands out in the market for its transaction speed and offers instant registration, making the platform even more user-friendly. Users have the option to choose between light and dark interface themes, tailoring the site to their preferences. This ability to create a comfortable working environment is highly valued by many users, especially those who spend a significant amount of time online.

Complementing this with an intuitive interface, TocoEx offers advantageous cryptocurrency rates, attracting a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals. These features make TocoEx an ideal choice not only for those new to the world of cryptocurrencies but also for experienced users, including active players seeking a reliable and efficient platform for their financial transactions.

In addition to its primary cryptocurrency exchange services, TocoEx also offers financial consulting services. This service is focused on providing professional advice and recommendations on investment and management of cryptocurrency assets, making this service not just an exchange but also a valuable resource for financial planning and optimization.

Crypto exchange process

To initiate an exchange on TocoEx, begin by choosing the desired exchange direction and submit your request via the online form on the website or through Telegram. Following this, make the payment for your order by transferring the funds to the specified account details. The exchange’s operator will then process your payment and carry out the payout. Upon completion of this process, you will be automatically redirected to the “Order Status” page, where you can track the current status of your transaction.

On the TocoEx website, the process of exchanging cryptocurrency for cash involves entering the necessary data for the exchange, such as the type of currency you wish to exchange and receive, selecting a city, and providing contact information such as name, email, and phone number or Telegram. This process facilitates an interactive selection of exchange parameters and easy interaction through the website.

Available Cryptocurrencies and Withdrawal in Fiat

This platform supports a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, available in multiple formats such as TRC20, BEP20, and ERC20. It is also compatible with a wide range of payment methods, including SEPA, as well as services from Sberbank, Tinkoff, and Alfa-Bank.

Additionally, it’s worth noting the affiliate program, which allows for earning passive income of 0.1% from the payments made by referred users.

Customer support

The TocoEx platform prioritizes user convenience, catering especially to those who prefer fast transactions to maintain an uninterrupted gaming experience. Technical support is available 24/7 through various communication channels, including email, Telegram, and a feedback form on the website, ensuring continuous assistance. This is particularly important for active members of the gaming community, who can swiftly resolve any issues related to cryptocurrency exchange, registration, and account management, thus avoiding lengthy downtimes.

The feedback form on the TocoEx website provides a simple and efficient way to send inquiries and receive answers to various questions. This customer service approach is highly effective and convenient, particularly valued by gambling enthusiasts and cryptocurrency aficionados who aim to minimize time spent outside of gameplay and swiftly return to the gaming environment.


TocoEx represents a reliable and convenient service for cryptocurrency exchange. With a wide selection of cryptocurrency pairs, fast transaction processing, and friendly technical support, this platform offers excellent opportunities for users in the world of cryptocurrency, both for avid gamers and more conservative users. The option to choose between a light or dark interface theme, along with advantageous cryptocurrency rates, makes it appealing to a broad audience.

Don’t miss the chance to use TocoEx services and simplify your cryptocurrency exchange process at any time of the day.

Simplicity and convenience of the user interface
Availability of several color themes for the site
Buying and selling cryptocurrencies without the need to disclose personal information
Provision of crypto exchange services to corporate entities
Direct cryptocurrency exchanges without intermediaries
Simple and secure exchange of cryptocurrency for cash in rubles
Cryptocurrency consultations for all users
Speed and security in transaction execution
Opportunity to earn through the referral of new users
Conducting promotions and prize draws for users
Limited selection of cryptocurrencies
Few options for fiat withdrawal
TocoEx is the perfect crypto exchange for casino players and gambling enthusiasts, highlighting simplicity and accessibility. This service is distinguished by its low minimum exchange limit and competitive rates, making it particularly attractive to the gaming community. Fast transaction processing and friendly technical support further enhance the usability, allowing casino players to focus on their favorite games without worrying about financial complications.

The option to choose between light and dark interface themes further increases user comfort. Using TocoEx, gambling enthusiasts can easily manage their cryptocurrency funds, making the exchange process as simple and accessible as possible at any time of the day.

TocoEx Finance Overview

TocoEx cryptocurrency exchange service offers buying and selling of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT) for fiat currencies (RUB, EUR). Funds can be withdrawn to SEPA, Sberbank, Tinkoff, and Alfa-Bank.
SEPA (Euro Payments)BitcoinEthereumTether (TRC-20)Tether (BEP-20)Tether (ERC-20)
The minimum transaction amount is 500 rubles, or the equivalent in cryptocurrency. The maximum withdrawal limit is 1 BTC, 10 ETH.
The affiliate program provides an additional income of 0.1% from the payments of referred users.
Registration requires an email address and Telegram. This service does not require documents or personal information for carrying out exchange operations.

Exchange Limits and Reserves
CryptocurrencyMaximum ExchangeReserves
Bitcoin Bitcoin2 BTC2 BTC
Ethereum Ethereum44 ETH44 ETH
Tether (BEP-20) Tether (BEP-20)100 000 USDT100 000 USDT
Tether (ERC-20) Tether (ERC-20)100 000 USDT100 000 USDT
Tether (TRC-20) Tether (TRC-20)100 000 USDT100 000 USDT

TocoEx Trust & Safety

TocoEx exchange, being in the early stages of its development, has yet to accumulate a large number of reviews. However, considering the experience of the team managing this service and their previous successful projects, it can be confidently assumed that the exchange service will operate quickly and efficiently. Special attention should be paid to the prompt operation of the support service, which is an important factor for users, especially in the field of financial services.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that TocoEx provides quality support not only to individual users but also to legal entities wishing to work with cryptocurrency. This includes assistance in understanding the cryptocurrency market, consultations on regulatory matters, and transaction security. Such comprehensive support increases trust in the platform and underscores its commitment to transparency and reliability. We are confident that over time, the service will accumulate enough reviews on specialized platforms and forums, allowing users to make an informed choice and reinforcing TocoEx’s reputation as a reliable and useful service for working with cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Exchange Guide

Frequently Asked Questions on Crypto Exchanges

Delve into our comprehensive FAQ section to gain insights into the nuances of cryptocurrency trading. Whether you are a beginner in the world of crypto exchanges or an experienced trader, here you will find answers to all pertinent questions. Explore aspects of transaction security, understand the mechanics of exchange rates, and master strategies for effective use of crypto exchanges.
Can I cancel a transaction after initiating it?

Usually, transactions cannot be canceled after they are confirmed, so it is important to double-check all details before completing an exchange.

What documents are required for verification?

Usually, a document proving identity (such as a passport or driver's license) and a document confirming residence address are required. The exact requirements may vary depending on the exchange platform.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification time can vary from a few minutes to several days, depending on the exchange platform and the workload of their support service.

Is verification necessary to use exchange platforms?

In most cases, verification is necessary to ensure transaction security and comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.

What are the limits set on exchange amounts?

Limits can vary depending on the exchange platform and the user's verification status. Detailed information is available on the website of each exchange platform.

How can I track the status of my transaction?

After completing a transaction, you will receive a unique transaction identifier, which allows you to track its status in real-time on the exchange platform.

What fees are charged for exchange?

Fees can vary depending on the exchange platform and the type of transaction. We provide current information about fees on our website.

How can I make an exchange on a cryptocurrency platform?

After registering and verifying your account, select the type of exchange, specify the amount, and follow the instructions on the platform to complete the transaction.

Is it safe to provide personal data to exchange platforms?

Yes, all exchange platforms on our website use advanced security measures to protect your data.

How do I register on an exchange platform?

Select an exchange platform from our list of verified ones, go to their website, and follow the registration instructions, which typically include entering basic information and verifying your email address.

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