What Are Wagers in Online Casinos and How to Best Play Through Bonuses

What is a Wager in Online Casinos and How to Best Play Through Bonuses

Online casino players often encounter the term «wager». The term originates from the English word «wager», meaning «bet», and in this context, it refers to the conditions for playing through a bonus. Understanding these conditions is crucial when we use the sometimes quite generous «gifts» from online casinos. We discussed no-deposit bonuses in our previous article. This time, let’s delve into the conditions for playing them through.

What Is a Wager and How Does It Work

In short, it is a coefficient that is multiplied by the amount of the bonus or deposit in an online casino. This is the number players see in the playthrough conditions after the «x» symbol – x5, x10, etc. For example, a casino offers a $100 bonus with a condition of «wager x10». This means that the player must place bets totaling 10 times the bonus amount ($1000) to withdraw the bonus. Essentially, «x» means «multiply».

What is a Wager in Online Casinos

This is how it works, but this method was devised and implemented for a reason. Online casinos use wagers to prevent numerous freebie hunters from abusing bonuses (bonus hunting).

Bonus hunting is the practice of searching for and using bonus offers from online casinos to make a profit. Users register on different platforms, receive welcome bonuses, free spins, or other promotions, and try to convert them into real money.

Without such a tool, anyone could simply withdraw the bonus money, completely draining the gaming platform’s budget. Then, they would just switch to another casino victim with the same consequences.

In general, this is the main idea behind gaming platforms, but wagers have a few other side functions:

  1. Player Motivation. Naturally, wagers encourage players to stay on the platform longer. The most valuable resource in today’s world is people and their attention. Money follows.
  2. Financial Stability. As mentioned earlier, no budget would suffice for bonuses without playthrough requirements. Online casinos do not intend to operate at a loss.
  3. Equal Conditions. Wagers create equal conditions for all promotion participants. Everyone receives bonuses, regardless of their deposit amount. Everyone is also required to play through the bonus to withdraw winnings.

Summarizing the first part of the article. Understanding the concept of wagers and the reasons for their existence means effectively using online casino bonuses. This knowledge is simple but helps avoid potential disappointments in the future. Bonus offers should be used not only to the fullest but also with a «cool head».

Types of Wagers

Every online casino strives to diversify its already attractive offers. They need to stand out, so digital brochures are filled with headlines about deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, and more. For convenience, we will divide wagers into the main types:

  • Bonus Wager. You need to play through only the bonus amount. For example, a $100 bonus with a x5 wager means you can withdraw it only after betting $500. These are the conditions.
  • Deposit Wager. No-deposit bonuses tend to run out. Then, gamblers can benefit from a bonus when they top up their gaming balance. This also comes with its own playthrough conditions and «x» multiplier.
  • Free Spins Wager. You registered or made a deposit and received free spins in slots. You are required to play them through. The same principle applies: if you won $100 from free spins and the wager was x5, you need to play through the winnings five times.

In general, there is a certain degree of variety in the concept of wagers, although they share common features.

Types of Wagers in Online Casinos

We can delve a bit deeper into the topic and see what statistics from open sources and the experience of seasoned players reveal.

Wagers in Different Game Categories

The fulfillment of wager conditions varies depending on the game. This is because some games have a higher probability of winning, while others have a lower probability. Therefore, the degree of risk for the casino differs. The participation percentage of games shows how much bets in a particular game will count towards fulfilling the wager. Here are a few examples:

Slots. Bets in slots are usually counted at 100%. This means that every dollar wagered is fully counted towards the wager fulfillment. Slots are the most popular choice for meeting wager conditions.

Roulette. Bets in this game are typically counted at 10%. For instance, with a $10 bet on roulette, only $1 will count towards the wager. This is due to the relatively high probability of winning with certain game strategies, leading casinos to be more cautious.

Blackjack. Bets in the world’s most popular card game can count for as little as 5% or even less. This is because of the unpredictability of the game outcome for online casinos. An experienced player with effective strategies may have an advantage over the gaming platform, thus the lower percentage counted towards the wager.

Video Poker. Bets in this game may not be counted at all (0%). For the same reasons – the likelihood that a player possesses exceptional skills. Such individuals are usually pleasant in life, but casinos have a special attitude towards them.

How to play through a bonus is a personal decision for each player, depending on which game they prefer. It is evident that fulfilling wager conditions and transferring won cryptocurrency to your wallet is fastest with slots.

Strategies and Tips for Casino Wagers

Card game specialists might disagree with this. In any case, there are options. Moreover, there are specific strategies for playing through.

Strategies and Tips for Wagers

Do such strategies really exist? Yes. Broadly speaking, it is somewhat akin to a simple guide to common sense. Nevertheless, it is surprising that not all online casino players take into account simple yet effective advice:

  1. Right Choice. No matter how you look at it, the numbers show that slots most often fully count towards fulfilling wager conditions (100%). Pay attention to slots with a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage.
  2. Bankroll Management. Simply determine a precise amount for yourself to fulfill the wager. For example, buy 500 USDT in a cryptocurrency exchanger – this will be your fund for wagering the bonus. This is more reliable since having a bank card at hand may tempt you to increase your bankroll.
  3. Promotions and Bonuses. Occasionally, there are opportunities to increase your playthrough budget. Online casinos announce lucrative promotions on their platforms. We already wrote about the gambling community – the CasinoMy Check it out to stay updated on the latest super offers for promotions and bonuses.
  4. Minimum Bets. There is no need to rush. Bonuses are not eternal, and wager conditions will not change. Just enjoy the game at a leisurely pace.

These simple tips and strategies will certainly play their role in successfully fulfilling wagers. Read the bonus conditions carefully and do not get carried away, so you can gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from playing in online casinos.


Using bonuses with wagers in online casinos can be a profitable endeavor. However, much depends on the conditions and strategies of the player. Experienced gamblers understand the intricacies of fulfilling wagers, so their chances of meeting the requirements and winning are significant. We hope that reading our article has added to your «experience points».

Now you are ready for more advanced games using cryptocurrency directly from your smartphone. With excellent conditions and incredible convenience. In the next article, we will discuss crypto casinos in the Telegram messenger. In the meantime, check out the bonuses we’ve verified from leading online casinos, where the playthrough conditions are clearly and transparently stated.

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