Why Telegram is Becoming a Popular Platform for Online Casinos

Why Telegram is Becoming a Popular Platform for Online Casinos

Digital technologies are evolving exponentially, to the extent that only specialists in narrow fields are aware of all the innovations. Online casinos strive to keep up with trends and occupy new niches. Mobile applications have become highly valuable, making messengers one of the ways to attract new players. Today, let’s talk about Telegram – a rapidly growing platform with approximately 1 billion monthly users.

How Online Casinos Operate on Telegram

Let’s skip the unnecessary information about what a messenger is in general and Telegram in particular. Everyone knows that already. Let’s get to the point.

How Online Casinos Operate on Telegram

Online casinos on Telegram operate based on specialized bots. These mini-programs manage the games and handle user interactions. Specifically, they are responsible for:

Registration and Authorization. By tapping on the smartphone screen, messenger users can quickly create an account and log into the system.

Game Selection and Launch. The game offerings on Telegram (TG) are almost as numerous as those in classic online casinos. By using bot commands, users can select one of the available options and start playing.

Financial Management. This is a highlight of the messenger. Since the app has its own built-in cryptocurrency wallet, making a deposit with cryptocurrency has become a simple task.

Audience. As mentioned above, there are about 1 billion unique users per month. This audience is often solvent and has at least some understanding of cryptocurrency.

In general, bots in TG can do almost everything. Their functionality is more likely artificially limited than fully revealed, as the messenger strictly monitors the safety and comfort of its users. But let’s talk a bit more about the games.

Online Casino Games on Telegram

Almost everything that slot enthusiasts are accustomed to playing on their computer monitors is available here. Only aesthetes with a 100-year history in gambling might find fault with the variety and design. Here’s a brief overview of the options:

  • Slots. Of course, slots come first.
  • Roulette. The familiar classic version plus various variations.
  • Blackjack. The favorite card game of millions of people. It’s available, along with hundreds of other card games.
  • Dice. Various ways to win cryptocurrency by «rolling the dice».
  • Lotteries. Other games based on random numbers.
  • Flash Games. Something like «heads or tails». Very quick wins under the simplest conditions.

Thus, the assortment of gambling games on Telegram almost rivals the diversity found in mobile applications of classic online casinos.

Online Casino Games in Telegram

But that’s not all. If you, for some reason, are not yet playing directly in your messenger, you simply don’t know about some features of playing in TG.

Advantages of Online Casinos on Telegram Compared to Classic Gaming Platforms

Before moving on to specific examples, it is worth mentioning the obvious advantages of TG casinos in general, compared to mobile applications of renowned online gambling brands. Here’s what we mean:

  • Registration. Not required. To create an account, it is enough to indicate your date of birth (18+).
  • Deposit. Made with just a few taps, as your messenger profile already has a linked cryptocurrency wallet (@wallet).
  • Accessibility. You only need the internet and a smartphone with Telegram. No need to download and install third-party applications.
  • Referrals. Clear rewards for invited users. It’s very convenient to invite contacts from your TG list.
  • Rewards. Complete simple tasks, like subscribing to social networks, and receive free points and tokens.

These are just some of the most obvious advantages of TG casino bots on Telegram. The list is not exhaustive but quite substantial, isn’t it? It’s worth trying at least once to find something new for yourself. So what about the specific examples?

JetTon as an Example of an Online Casino on Telegram

After trying several bots for slot games, we chose the @jetton bot as an example. There are several reasons for this choice, and a full review of this platform would take up a significant amount of text. It is very easy to figure out how to play JetTon on your own, so let’s briefly look at the main points.

JetTon.games is managed by JetTon B.V., registered in Curaçao. According to the company, their bot in Telegram is the first of its kind in TG. There is also a browser version, which is on par with top online casinos in terms of execution. But we are interested in playing directly in the messenger.

Starting the Game in JetTon

Open Telegram. Type «JetTon Games» in the search bar and find the bot: @jetton. You are greeted by a welcome message from the bot, which immediately highlights the key advantages of playing on JetTon, namely:

  • The first gaming platform in Telegram.
  • More than 5000 games.
  • Curacao license.
  • Return to Player (RTP) = 96.8%.
  • Bonuses up to $2000 + 200 Free Spins (FS).
  • Weekly tournaments.

Below is a «Start» button, and we are in the bot. In many cases, you can play here for free, meaning the project can be considered a catalog of free games that you don’t need to search for on the internet. But you can (and even should) play with a bit of excitement, i.e., for money, but without fanaticism.

JetTon: Playing in Telegram

A minimum deposit of $10 can be made using popular cryptocurrencies, credit, or bank cards. Cryptocurrencies are converted. We recommend funding your account with crypto since Telegram itself emphasizes working with crypto assets and creates all conditions for this. We recommend using trusted cryptocurrency exchanges from our rating.

After the first deposit, you receive a bonus, the size of which depends on the amount deposited. The conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses are detailed under the «Play for Money» button. When topping up your account with $150 or more, you can confidently expect a +200% bonus on the amount and +200 FS.

Then, it’s like any other mobile online casino application: you collect winnings from slots, card games, live dealer games, and other exciting games. Participate in thrilling contests with money and gadget giveaways.

And while it might be tempting to stop praising this Telegram bot here, it would be a mistake to overlook one more key advantage of JetTon.

The JetTon Token and How to Obtain It

JetTon is not just a casino in Telegram; it’s a comprehensive gaming platform with its own token, also named JetTon. Currently, the GambleFi theme is trending, and the JetTon token is part of the rapidly growing TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. You can obtain this token both with and without investments.

GambleFi combines gambling and decentralized finance (DeFi). Users can place bets and receive financial services using blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a secure and transparent environment.

To get started, access the JetTon Farming Telegram bot. This is the official bot for farming our tokens. There are several ways to earn tokens:

  1. Earn JP Coins. Complete a few simple tasks, such as subscribing to a Telegram channel, connecting a wallet, and more.
  2. Invite Friends. Share your referral link with gambling friends, and everyone will earn coins. JP coins can then be converted into real JetTon tokens, which are already traded on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
  3. Liquidity Pool. This is a tool of decentralized exchanges. You «lock» certain coins, receiving rewards in the form of a percentage for providing liquidity to the exchange for a certain period. This is not for beginners, but it can be understood fairly quickly.

Additionally, this token can be considered an investment. As mentioned earlier, the GambleFi trend is gaining momentum, so gaming tokens are likely to increase in value.

How to Obtain the JetTon Token

Overall, the ways to earn free cryptocurrency for deposits in online casinos is a topic for a separate article, which will definitely appear in our blog. Until it is published, we recommend fully utilizing all available bonuses. You’re bound to get lucky!


In conclusion, it can be confidently stated that online casinos in the Telegram messenger embody cutting-edge technology. This new approach to gaming combines ease of use, security, and a wide range of entertainment options.

Integration with Telegram provides instant access to your favorite gambling games directly through the messenger. No need to install third-party applications, and making deposits and withdrawing winnings has never been easier.

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