In the last article we analyzed 10 advantages of exchangers compared to crypto exchanges. Today we will consider the main rules of choosing a reliable currency exchange service for online casino players. Given our experience with exchangers – we have a lot to share. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Why it’s important?

Perhaps using the first exchange monitored is not a key aspect of playing online casino. But there are a few nuances to be aware of. Thoughtless choice of exchanger affects the speed and anonymity of transactions when making a deposit.

The right choice, made consciously and with an understanding of the case, will allow players to avoid potential difficulties. We are talking about possible delays in transactions, excessive transfer fees, safety of funds, anonymity and much more. Let’s start with convenience.

Support and accessibility

Of course, working with an exchanger should be comfortable. When exchanging currencies, questions may arise, so it is worth choosing a service with the desired language version. Mutual understanding with an online consultant can play an important role here.

Support and availability of the exchanger for online casino players

Another plus will be the accessibility of the web resource. VPN is a good thing, but you can simplify everything. If the site of the exchanger works constantly and without the need to bypass bans – this is a good choice for any player.


No matter how favorable the exchange rate is, it won’t matter if the coins from your cryptocurrency wallet don’t make it to the balance of the online casino. Therefore, protecting your personal funds is of paramount importance. Hence, the first rule is “Check the reputation of the exchanger”.

Despite the choice of hundreds of exchangers, it is easy to find a reliable service (without complaints):

  1. Open the monitoring of exchangers.
  2. Sort by the number of reviews.
  3. Look at the number of negative reviews and their content.
  4. Choose exchangers with zero percent of negativity.

The fact is that reputation is the basis on which the whole business of the exchanger is based. Even one unclosed financial claim can collapse the profitability of the service, pushing the client to competitors. Look at the reviews, choose an exchanger without negative reviews and play it safe.


Some exchangers may require identity verification when working with bank cards. Usually it is necessary to do it only once for one exchanger. However, since we value the convenience of using cryptocurrencies, we can always find an option without verification.

Almost all exchangers (99/100) have an online consultant. On the website or in Telegram. Just check with the support, whether verification is needed for the desired direction of exchange. You will definitely get an answer.

Exchange rate

Each exchanger has its own share of profit from each transaction. At the same time, “reputable” services can afford a slightly higher exchange fee. They have long had regular customers who guarantee profit.

Another thing is “beginner exchangers”, they usually have the most favorable rates – after all, you need to attract the first clients.

The best rate and reputation can be found on exchangers monitoring. But there is a nuance here – the exchange rate on the monitoring and in fact may differ.

Cryptocurrency exchange rate for online casino players

Therefore, it is important to check what rate is fixed before the exchange and whether it is fixed at all. A fixed rate with an exact amount at the output is a sign of a decent exchanger.

Transaction speed

All exchangers can be divided into 2 types: automatic and manual. The presence of the necessary scripts determines the speed of transaction processing. Of course, the program does everything much faster. In addition, the probability of error in this case tends to zero.

Choose an exchanger that works in automatic mode – it will be faster and more reliable. Check with an online consultant for information about the principles of the exchanger’s work, if it is not written in big letters on the site.

Minimum amounts

Transactions in automatic mode are good, but there is one drawback. Sometimes a player needs to exchange only a small amount to test a new for him gaming platform (how to choose a reliable online casino we wrote here). If we are talking about 50 euros and less, there may be problems.

The thing is that the program responsible for transactions in the exchanger will not process the amount less than the set amount. For example, a minimum of 100 euros, or even more. In such cases, you need to have a service with lower exchange amounts in your browser bookmarks.

Manual exchangers will save the situation, where you can arrange the exchange of the amount you need through the same online consultant.

Discounts and raffles

Why not exchange cryptocurrency for extra profit? Most exchangers hold weekly drawings for cash prizes. There are similarities between exchange services and online casinos. Everyone loves bonuses and prizes!

Bonuses and prizes from exchangers for online casino players

Any person who has made an exchange can participate. And the more exchanges – the more chances to win. The conditions are simple:

  1. Make an exchange
  2. Send the transaction number
  3. Leave a feedback on the monitoring
  4. Follow the results of the drawing (usually in Telegram).

The amount of prize money can be up to 100 USDT, and that’s every week!

Also, exchangers often use a cumulative discount system. This is an incentive for customers to make more exchanges and come back again. The principle is similar to the loyalty program of online casinos. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully choose a service for regular use.

Integration with online casinos

Many cryptocurrency casinos have partnerships with exchangers. This is done for the convenience of players, so that they do not agonize with the choice of where to exchange cryptocurrency. As a result, everyone benefits:

  • Exchangers get a new article of income
  • Online casinos get a reliable business partner
  • Players are relieved of the worries of choosing an exchanger

Choosing from recommended exchangers makes sense. Online casinos, like any business project, value their reputation. Therefore, no one will deal with suspicious exchangers.

Feel free to choose from the list of recommended online casino exchangers. In doing so, be guided by the tips from this article.


For online casino players, choosing the right exchanger is important, and simple at that. The first thing to pay attention to is the convenience of working with the service. If the level of comfort is satisfactory – check the reputation (reviews) of the exchanger.

From the noteworthy services you can choose a service without verification and with good technical support. Pay attention to the exchange rate (preferably fixed). In what mode works – automatic or manual.

Bonus will be an acceptable amount of minimum exchange and the opportunity to win a cash prize. In the next article we will tell you how to make your first deposit in an online casino quickly and without problems. See you soon!

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