My First Experience Playing in an Online Casino

Hello, my name is Ander. As an expert in cryptocurrencies on our website, I have always been on the lookout for new opportunities and horizons. My passion for innovation and desire to explore new things led me into the world of online casinos. Taking advantage of the bad weather outside, I decided to practically delve into this area and go beyond my comfort zone.

I will share with you my first impressions of playing in an online casino: expectations, emotions, and new discoveries. Join me on this journey through the world of excitement and risk.

In the previous article, we registered and made our first deposit at the online casino RamenBet. We have $10 in our account, plus $20 in bonuses and 30 free spins (bonus code “CRYPTOCASINO”). Since the player’s account has 3 tabs: “Sports,” “Live Dealers,” and “Casino,” we will divide our budget into 3 equal parts to try games of different types.


Let’s start with the “Gates of Olympus” slot by Pragmatic Play since we have 30 free spins. In the personal cabinet, we go to the “PROMO” tab, select “Gates of Olympus” with 30 free spins, and click the “Play” button, taking us to the game page.

There is an option to try the game in DEMO mode, and that’s what we’ll do to get a general idea of this slot. You can mute or adjust the sound here. The minimum demo bet is $0.6, and we have a virtual balance of $100,000.

Slot "Gates of Olympus" at RamenBet

In just a few minutes of the free test, we managed to win a substantial amount – $200, albeit in virtual currency. It’s intriguing, and it’s time to switch to real gameplay – “Real money” mode.

The minimum bet is 16 rubles, and you can switch to “Auto Play” mode. With our 30 free spins, we won a little over 100 rubles. It seems that in order for the money to go into the real account, we need to wager it 30 times, which means winning 3,000 rubles.

The free spins are over, and it’s time to continue the game with real money. We allocate one-third of our total balance – 1,000 rubles. Let’s test our luck!

Winning in "Gates of Olympus"

Result: the maximum win was 264 rubles and 15 free spins, which eventually brought in a record 376 rubles in profit. Thus, I managed to spend about half an hour with a budget of 1,000 rubles. The bets were minimal, with 16 rubles each.

Sports betting

Now, let’s place the initial one-third of the budget (1,000 rubles) on sports. Go to the “SPORT” tab and select the nearest sporting event. Hockey should do, as a match is coming up soon. I’m not very knowledgeable about this sport, but there are no football matches soon.

The match between “Lada – Dynamo” is starting in an hour. RamenBet offers odds of 1.84 for Dynamo’s victory. Let’s trust the bookmaker and place 1,000 rubles on this outcome. Moreover, other bookmakers had a similar odds. Besides, Dynamo had accumulated a lot more points by that time. Possible winnings – 1,840 rubles. Choose the amount and click the “Place Bet” button.

Sports Bet at RamenBet

“Your bet has been successfully placed.” Everything happened very quickly.

The game starts in an hour, with 3 periods of 20 minutes each. So, a little over 2 hours from now, we’ll find out if I managed to become 840 rubles richer by trusting the bookmaker’s prediction. Now I know I’ll be watching a hockey match in its entirety for the first time in my life!

There wasn’t much intrigue in the hockey teams’ confrontation – the home team won 4:0, and my bet didn’t work out. The takeaway here is that if you’re going to bet on sports, do it in a sport you at least have some understanding of. But honestly, it was an interesting experience, and I got to learn about sports betting and hockey.

Live dealers

We still have 1000 rubles left, and it’s time to try games from the “Live Dealers” section. I don’t understand card games, so I’ll choose something simpler. In the “Other” tab (there are other tabs too), there are different options. I tried one thing, then another, and ultimately settled on the “Crazy Coin Flip” game.

Live Dealers at RamenBet

It’s a drum with a minimum bet of 10 rubles. I spent a little on testing other games, so I had just under 100 spins left. I placed the minimum bet and started spinning. Already on the second spin, I had a small but successful win – 3 rubles. On the fifth spin, I went through some sort of selection and won 140 rubles – already in profit!

The rules are simple – place your bet, spin the drum, and wait for a winning combination. The most exciting part happens when 3 “Crazy Coin Flip” symbols appear on the drum. Then the player enters some sort of selection round, where your bet gets multiplied.

Crazy Coin Flip at RamenBet

The second time I landed on the guy in a bowtie, the host flipped a coin – this time it was x36, which means a victory of 360 rubles, and I was back in the profit after 20 minutes of play. I managed to go through such selections twice in about 40 games. The maximum prize for a single spin was 50 rubles.

In general, this type of game seems quite interesting. It takes a bit longer than online casinos, with elements of a show and lively music.

Lightning Roulette

After losing my entire deposit, the “₽375 Voucher” button appeared. The “play” label on the green background promises something good. Let’s try clicking it.

Lightning Roulette at RamenBet

We were transferred to a table with a game using vouchers. It seems like they gave us 375 rubles for our first gaming experience. We clicked the “Play” button, of course.

On the screen, there was an online casino roulette with a host. The scrolling ticker displayed a winner who had won 5.5 million rubles. The host was active and occasionally sang songs in English.

In each game, a lightning category strikes 1-5 numbers, and payouts are multiplied by 50-500x for those numbers. The minimum bet was 300 rubles. I decided to bet on “red.” Unfortunately, it landed on “black.”

Bet in Lightning Roulette

In the scrolling ticker, there was a list of winners and their prizes with six-digit numbers. Overall, it didn’t go well with roulette. The bets were high here, even though the winnings could be in the millions.


Playing in an online casino can be interesting in its own way, as long as you don’t overindulge in time and investments. Personally, I enjoyed “Crazy Coin Flip” the most in the “Live Dealers” section. Maybe I just managed to stay there longer than in other games.

Overall, it was an interesting experience to diversify one’s leisure time. For example, you could easily leave these $30 at a bar, or you could spend an evening with excitement (and even watch sports events while cheering for your favorites). Moreover, we have already compiled a TOP list of the best online casinos, especially for you. The key is to set specific financial or time limits for yourself to ensure that the game doesn’t become an obsession.

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