How to make a deposit at a crypto casino

In the world of online gambling, cryptocurrency casinos occupy a special place, offering a unique synthesis of excitement and innovative technologies. In this article, we will go all the way – from choosing a platform and cryptocurrency to getting a welcome bonus for your first deposit at an online casino.

Why cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have changed the understanding of financial transactions, especially in the online casino industry. They allow players to make transactions quickly and without intermediaries, which greatly speeds up the process and reduces additional fees.

Among the variety of cryptocurrencies, there are several popular options, each with its own advantages. In this article, we will be using USDT (Tether) on the TRC-20 network.

Our choice is the Tether stablecoin

We will be dealing with a stablecoin with a peg to the value of the traditional US dollar. USDT provides stability and predictability of value, which is especially important in gambling.

Choosing the USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency on the TRC-20 network

The amount of our deposit will be small – 10 $, so to buy USDT we need an exchanger with a small amount for the minimum purchase. meets this condition. How to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger we wrote here.

We will also need a cryptocurrency wallet to deposit the USDT purchased through the exchanger. For these purposes, we will use TronLink, because it is the recommended option for storage and transactions USDT TRC-20.

Choosing an online casino

Choosing the right online casino is a key step towards an exciting and safe gaming experience. The main criteria for our selection will be:

  • Availability of a license
  • Access to the site
  • Minimum deposit amount
  • Selection of games and suppliers
  • Bonuses for beginners
  • Tech support

Our choice – RamenBet. This casino meets all our requirements. Available registration (by geo), minimum, bonuses, games… In addition, we wrote a review of RamenBet, so we had a good time to get acquainted with this online casino.

Step-by-step guide

The whole way from buying cryptocurrency to crediting funds to the RamenBet account took us about 5 minutes. Therefore, there is no point in describing everything in detail. Let’s briefly go through the steps.

1. Registering on RamenBet

We recommend reading our detailed review of this online casino before registering at the site. In our review you will find the “Play Online” button.

We register at the online casino Rambet

On the registration page, choose the fast registration method – via Gmail. It will be necessary to fill in 3 fields for the registration form:

  1. Phone number
  2. Surname
  3. Bonus code from us: “CRYPTOCASINO”.

Congratulations. You have your RamenBet account. You can move on to the next step.

2. Buying cryptocurrency through an exchanger

In our case, it is the purchase of USDT trc-20 for rubles from a MIR card. Go to the exchange website. Choose what we give – rubles, and what we buy – Tether.

We buy cryptocurrency through an exchanger

Then enter the sender’s data – our MIR card number, mail and TronLink wallet number. The amount and the “Start transaction” button. The button “I paid” and USDT tokens of trc-20 standard are credited. Now you can go back to the online casino.

3. Making a deposit

Now we have the necessary amount for the minimum deposit in our TronLink wallet. Let’s proceed to the next steps.

The “Deposit” button in the header of the site.

Making a deposit at the online casino Rambet

By default, we are in the “Refill” tab. Find our recharge option – Tether. Choose one of the 2 offered networks: TRC-20 or ERC-20 (our option is TRC-20). Enter the amount (in our case it is 1 000 rubles or a little more than 10 USDT). We send Tether to the specified cryptocurrency wallet address.

One minute, and our deposit in RamenBet is replenished.

4. Getting a bonus for the first deposit

Since you registered through our promo code, you can count on 30 freespins from the CryptoCasino team. The bonuses are credited automatically and are now available for every member of our team.

We receive a bonus for the first deposit at the online casino Rambet

To check this, just go to the “Promo” tab of your personal account.

Common mistakes when making a deposit

When making a cryptocurrency deposit at an online casino, players often encounter a number of common mistakes that can lead to loss of funds or other complications.

Recognizing these pitfalls is especially important when transacting with popular tokens such as USDT (Tether) using various blockchain protocols such as TRC-20 and ERC-20.

  1. Incorrect wallet address. One of the most common mistakes is sending cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet address. This mistake can be especially critical because transactions on the blockchain cannot be canceled or changed once confirmed.
  2. Choosing the wrong blockchain. When sending USDT, it is important to keep in mind that this token can exist on different blockchains, such as Ethereum (ERC-20) and TRON (TRC-20). A mistake in choosing the appropriate blockchain can result in a loss of funds, as tokens sent through the wrong blockchain may be unrecoverable.
  3. Lack of funds to pay fees. Blockchain transactions require payment of commissions, which can vary significantly depending on the blockchain chosen. Insufficient funds to pay the commission can result in a failed transaction.
  4. Ignoring casino terms and conditions. Not paying attention to the terms and conditions of the online casino. Especially regarding minimum and maximum deposit limits.

Special attention should be paid to transactions with USDT in TRC-20 and ERC-20 formats. The main thing is to make sure that the online casino supports your chosen token format and that you send it to the appropriate address on the right blockchain.


How do we dispose of the free bonus and the entire deposit? How big winnings were waiting for the author of this article? Disappointment or joy? Read all the details of the experiment in the continuation of our series of articles.

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