What are TIER 1, TIER 2, and TIER 3 in gambling traffic arbitration?

What are TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3 in gambling traffic arbitration

In one of our previous articles, we discussed the fundamental principles of earning money through online casino affiliate programs. Judging by the number of readings, we conclude that this topic interests a large number of our readers. Therefore, we decided to continue the theme of gambling arbitration and this time take a closer look at the categories of countries by GEO (TIER).

Why TIER Classification is Needed

Choosing a GEO for an arbitrator is one of the first and key decisions that determines the strategy and potential profitability of a campaign. Just as countries in macroeconomics are divided into developed, developing, and third-world countries, in the arbitration of online casino traffic, countries are conditionally divided into categories – TIER (from English “level”).

  • Thus, TIER 1 includes countries with the highest standard of living. This means that this category comprises citizens of countries with a high income level, consequently, the most solvent.
  • The TIER 2 category consists of countries with transitional economies, moderate income levels, and developing markets.
  • TIER 3 usually includes countries with low income levels, high levels of risk, and difficulties with payment systems.

It is important to note that the TIER classification is not static: economic development, changes in legislation, and other factors can move countries from one level to another.

Classification of Countries (TIER) for online gambling arbitration

The constant variability of the world requires arbitrators to continually analyze the online casino market, be flexible in their approaches, and ready to quickly adapt to changes. However, nothing prevents us from evaluating at least the current state of affairs in more detail.

Working with TIER 1 Countries

Working with first-level countries (TIER 1) means facing both significant opportunities and serious challenges simultaneously. The audience in these countries is characterized by high solvency, making them a desirable market for arbitrating traffic to online casinos or betting.

Australia Austria Belgium
Canada Denmark Czech Republic
Finland France Germany
Italy Netherlands Norway
Spain Slovenia Sweden
Switzerland Portugal Poland
United Kingdom USA Ireland

Plus Iceland and New Zealand, where without them.

However, attracting the attention of such an audience requires innovative approaches and significant efforts due to high competition and demanding customers. Here are some of the features of working with TIER 1 countries:

  • Strict legislation. In TIER 1 countries, strict laws regulate the activity of online gambling. This may include licensing, taxation, and restrictions on advertising.
  • High competition. Access to a solvent audience attracts many market players, leading to increased competition. It is crucial to use creative and unique advertising approaches to stand out from the crowd.
  • Response to advertising. Users in TIER 1 countries often encounter a large volume of advertising, which can lead to advertising fatigue. Many of them use ad blockers or complain about intrusive advertising materials.

ADVICE. Test and analyze. Conduct various advertising campaign tests to understand what works best for the chosen market.

Different marketing models can be applied when working with TIER 1 countries: from RevShare with a payout of a percentage of the revenue generated from attracted players to CPA and CPL, where payment for specific actions or registrations can be a profitable strategy. A big plus for creativity will be attractive BONUSES from online casinos.

Working with TIER 2 Countries

Second-level countries represent a unique segment for arbitrators, combining a sufficiently developed economy and the presence of a solvent audience. At the same time, the competition here will be lower compared to TIER 1.

Albania Andorra Argentina
Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Croatia
Cyprus Estonia Greece
Hong Kong Japan Macedonia
Malta Montenegro South Korea
Romania Serbia Singapore
Slovakia Turkey UAE

This also includes the countries of Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Moldova.

These countries, covering a wide geography and different continents, offer various opportunities for conducting advertising campaigns in the field of online casinos. Let’s highlight some of the features of working with this category:

  • Availability of payment methods. In TIER 2 countries, there are usually no problems with the choice of payment methods or the use of cryptocurrencies, which simplifies the payment process for users.
  • Market and advertising. The market in these countries is not oversaturated with complex advertising campaigns and sophisticated creatives, making it easier to attract the attention of potential players.
  • Linguistic and cultural diversity. The geographical and cultural diversity of TIER 2 countries requires the adaptation of advertising materials for specific markets, but at the same time, provides broad opportunities for targeting.

ADVICE. Learn on the go. Use each campaign as an opportunity to learn and improve your skills in traffic arbitration.

Working with TIER 2 countries is ideal for mid-level arbitrators who already have experience in arbitrating traffic to online casinos but are not yet ready to face the high competition and significant investments characteristic of first-category countries.

Working with TIER 3 Countries

Third-level countries represent markets where online gambling is just beginning to gain popularity. This opens unique opportunities for arbitrators despite a number of challenges associated with the characteristics of these markets.

Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan
China Chile Colombia
Georgia India Israel
Iraq Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan
Mexico Pakistan Paraguay
Tajikistan Turkmenistan Qatar
Uruguay Uzbekistan Vietnam

This is the most numerous level. This also includes many African countries, small islands, and generally all other countries that are not included in TIER 1-2.

Here, there is a lot of traffic and low competition. Naturally, the audience in the 3rd category is less sophisticated in terms of advertising creatives for crypto casinos and other marketing nuances. Nonetheless, working in this GEO has its nuances:

  • Traffic saturation. Despite a less solvent audience, there is a large volume of traffic in TIER 3 countries, creating favorable conditions for testing various advertising approaches.
  • Payment issues. Access to modern payment methods, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other operations may be limited or difficult, requiring arbitrators to look for alternative ways to monetize traffic.
  • Testing and adaptation. Traditional marketing tools and strategies may prove ineffective, so the key to success lies in the willingness to experiment and adapt approaches to the specifics of the local market.

ADVICE. Start small. Don’t try to cover several markets at once. Choose one or two and focus on them.

Working with TIER 3 countries is suitable for creatives ready to experiment and seek innovative marketing approaches. Some of these countries are indeed small and may not have a significant volume of traffic for online casinos, but they should not be underestimated because, in the end, you may be surprised by your results.

Features of working with TIER 1-3 countries in online gambling arbitration

The market from Tier 3 countries offers a unique opportunity for learning, testing various strategies, and achieving significant profits with the right approach.

Conclusion on Online Casino Traffic

Whether you’re starting with Tier 3 markets in search of less competition and lower initial investments, or you decide to target the more competitive and solvent audiences of Tier 1 countries, the key to success lies in continuous learning and experimentation. Use each campaign as an opportunity to collect data, analyze the effectiveness of different approaches, and optimize your strategies.

As a citizen of your country, write in the comments or on our Telegram channel which category your country belongs to.

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