Betting with Cryptocurrency: My Experience

I continue my journey into the world of online gambling. Today, I will try my luck in sports betting. Last time, I made a mistake – I placed a bet without looking, and it didn’t win. This time, however, I will approach betting with more considered decisions. I’ll even try out my own strategy! Read on, and you’ll find out what came of it.

Choosing a platform for betting

It’s a serious matter. Despite having our own rating of verified services, I will reread the article I consider lucky on choosing a crypto casino with sports betting.

I’ve narrowed it down to three platforms from our rating. The choice isn’t easy, as each of them attracts attention with their bonuses for beginners:

  1. RamenBet. I’m already registered here and have even played. It was my first experience playing in a crypto casino, which I detailed in a previous article. I liked RamenBet; it’s clear and convenient. If I choose this project, I’ll get a 50% Cash Bonus and a 500 RUB free bet (≈$7).
  2. 888starz. Also offers attractive terms. For my first deposit here, I’ll receive a +100% of the funds deposited. Looks tempting. Moreover, there’s a 3% cashback on the sum of lost bets.
  3. RedStar. Another enticing offer: 100% bonus on the first deposit + free spins. The minimum deposit is $3, and there’s a 10% cashback on Mondays for lost bets.

Each option is good in its own way and appealing. After some time of agonizing deliberation, I took the easy way out: simply chose the one with the highest rating in our list.

Choosing a Betting Platform

I could have chosen several options. I’ve heard of a phenomenon called “Arbitrage Betting”, and I have a very basic understanding of what it is. To engage in this, it seems necessary to have accounts on different platforms and to choose them carefully. Apparently, good monitoring of online betting sites is required.

However, I’m not sure how legal and profitable this is. Write in the comments what you think about it.

Why I choose cryptocurrency for betting

For the same reasons as in other cases. We have already written about this in the context of crypto casinos, and the story is the same here:

  • Anonymity. Players can enjoy gambling without disclosing their personal information.
  • Speed and accessibility. Fast transactions from anywhere in the world, even if the desired currency is not available on the sports betting site. Cryptocurrencies circumvent any restrictions.
  • Cost-Efficiency. Operations with cryptocurrencies are cheaper than many other payment methods, allowing players to keep more funds for playing.
  • Security. Blockchain technology ensures a high level of protection for players’ funds. Transactions cannot be falsified or canceled, ensuring fair play.

Overall, making a deposit with cryptocurrency is purely beneficial for players, no matter which country they are from. Players can always count on the anonymity of their transactions. They can save on transactions and be assured that their payment will definitely reach the recipient.

Most often, I use Tether USDT. This cryptocurrency is supported by almost all online casinos and sports betting sites. Stablecoin maintains its value, and transfer fees are minimal.


So, the choice of a bookmaker is made. The form of replenishment and the currency are also clear. For clarity, I will buy cryptocurrency with fiat and make a deposit at RamenBet.

We have detailed how to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange in our article. However, this process can be greatly simplified, as our website features its own micro-monitoring of exchanges with the best rates for each cryptocurrency.

You just need to visit the “Exchange Ratings” section. It contains exchanges verified by the Crypto Casino editorial team. Moreover, it immediately indicates which exchange offers the best rate for a specific cryptocurrency.

Making a Deposit at RamenBet

In my case, it’s more beneficial to use TocoEx, as this service currently offers the best rate for buying USDT TRC-20. Through the exchange, I bought 13 USDT to deposit 1 000 RUB – the minimum amount required to receive a bonus from RamenBet.

The process of buying cryptocurrency is simple, standard, and fast. You need to have fiat currency for the exchange and a crypto wallet. We have a great article about the TOP-4 crypto wallets for gamblers. I recommend checking it out. I personally use TronLink.

Depositing at RamenBet Using TronLink

Depositing funds on an online betting platform is very simple. We have detailed the entire process here.

My strategy

Admission: I support one football club and mainly follow the championship of one country. However, I’m relatively aware of the situation in other championships. What I definitely won’t do is bet on my favorite team. I find it unethical, and there are enough emotions involved already!

I will again divide my budget into several parts – enough for 3 matches (1,000 RUB deposit + 50% cashback). Let these be different championships, to have a wider selection.

My Sports Betting Strategy

Since I’m a novice and just taking my first steps in crypto betting, I will choose the most cautious strategy. I’ll make 3 bets on relatively predictable events. The odds will be minimal, but this option is suitable for a test, as I believe.

My bets will be on obvious favorites against clear outsiders. The only risk is that some of them are playing away. The home arena effect still plays a role, despite the professionalism of modern athletes.

Placing the bets

Now it’s time to make the bets. After assessing the teams’ positions in the tournament tables and looking at their previous results, I chose 3 pairs.

The “SPORTS” tab on any page of the RamenBet website and the “Football” section. Since I’ve already decided on the matches for betting, I quickly find the required ones by going into their national championships.

My Bet in Betting

There are various betting options available, but I’ll choose the safest one – “Double Chance”. This means betting on the favorite to win or a draw. I’ll test other, more complex options later, as I gain more experience.

I select the match, choose “Double Chance”, enter the amount, and click “Place Bet”. Everything is as simple as possible. And the same goes for each of the three pairs. The odds in my case were:

  • 1.09
  • 1.15
  • 1.39

The potential total winnings are 315 RUB (≈$3.6). The teams play at different times, so there’s an opportunity to follow each match. Let’s see how effective my “safest strategy” is.

Bonus (Sports FreeBet)

Having already started watching the first match, I suddenly remembered – I’m entitled to a deposit bonus! I rushed to the “Gifts” section of my account on RamenBet. Indeed, the free bet is there, waiting to be used.

Bonus (Sports FreeBet)

This is a 500 RUB free bet with a minimum odds of 1.5. Only the amount of the winnings (excluding the 500 RUB) will be credited to the account. This encourages placing a bet with high odds to achieve a significant win.

Still, it’s a pleasant bonus. I need to place the bet now, while the weekend is on and all the championships are in action. Moreover, the free bet can only be used within two days. Click “Activate” and “Play”. I quickly found a suitable match with odds of 1.51, again on “double chance”.

My results

It seems that beginners have luck, as all 4 of my bets won today. The winnings amounted to 570 RUB (about $6.5), which is over 50% of my deposit! The free bet was particularly helpful – it contributed half of the total winnings. Therefore, always pay attention to the opportunity to get a free chance to win.

My Sports Betting Results

Regarding my cautious strategy, it’s evident that there’s logic in it, as bets on the outright victory of clear favorites would not have worked – 2 of them barely managed a draw. Therefore, it’s better to bet on “double chance” – a favorite’s victory/draw. Be cautious, avoid common rookie mistakes, and be content with small gains.


These matches became special for me, and the criticism of players from “my” teams was quite harsh. Nevertheless, luck smiled at me on the first try – 4/4 accurate predictions, including one quite risky bet (with odds of 1.5). This is a success, so this article will take its place in the “Player Success Stories” section on our website.

Play and win, and continue to follow the updates on our blog. There’s still much more interesting to come!

This post was published with the sponsorship of Best Sportsbooks in Canada (Leonbet). For link exchange and guest posts, please contact us through our contacts in the partnership section.

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