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Jackpot – a large win, often exceeding the bet by hundreds of thousands of times. It is one of the main goals for any player. To win the main prize, it is necessary to carefully study the rules of the online casino and the game offering this type of win.

The largest jackpot ever won in an online casino reached 18 million dollars. Statistics show that the highest chance of winning a jackpot is on slot machines.

Types of Jackpots

Online casinos offer several types of jackpots, allowing wins from several thousand to several million dollars:

  • Fixed. The amount is clearly defined. It remains constant throughout the game, regardless of the size and number of bets. To win it, a certain condition must be met, such as a specific combination of symbols on a slot.
  • Progressive. This is the most well-known and popular type. Its size is constantly formed based on the number and size of all players’ bets. If no one wins, it increases under certain conditions. After a winning combination is hit, it drops back to the minimum level. This type of jackpot allows for the largest wins.
  • Entry. Here, the fund is of a constant size. It is drawn among a group of players randomly. The condition could be, for example, a deposit in a certain cryptocurrency. It is awarded to the winner at the end of the draw.
  • Mystery. In this case, the size of the jackpot is not known to the players. However, the limits are specified, within which the prize fund must not exceed. As soon as the amount reaches a certain mark, a draw is conducted randomly. No specific requirements need to be met.
  • Double Bonus. The opportunity to win a super prize for playing. Here, the probability of winning depends on the size of the bet placed. Neither the size nor the conditions of winning are known.

What is needed for a jackpot draw?

The so-called progressive jackpot is most preferred, as its size increases with each unsuccessful draw. A small portion of each bet is directed towards increasing this amount, which can eventually reach millions of dollars.

What is Needed for a Jackpot Draw in an Online Casino

To form the prize amount, three main methods are used:

  1. The amount progresses only on a single slot machine. A certain percentage of each bet on this specific machine is allocated to it. These jackpots don’t reach large sizes, but they are significantly easier to win.
  2. The increase in the amount is due to the bets of all players in the online casino using slots, leading to its multiple increase.
  3. The largest jackpots are created by establishing an independent fund, which accumulates money from a group of casinos within a certain network.

A significant win can be obtained from any of the jackpots. While a win from a single slot is simply a pleasant bonus, winning a jackpot from a casino network can provide financial security for life.

How to Find the “Right” Jackpot in an Online Casino

Experienced players develop complex strategies for selecting and playing with progressive jackpots. However, there are universally recognized rules that all gambling enthusiasts follow:

  • Thorough study of the rules of the slot or other game that offers a jackpot.
  • Spending one’s bankroll on games with a jackpot that has been growing for a long time.
  • In most slot machines, the rule holds true: fewer reels mean a higher chance of hitting the jackpot.
  • Being ready to risk large sums of money. Many casinos require this, raising the stakes especially for slots with jackpots.
  • If possible, make minimum bets, increasing their number and raising them only when required by crypto casinos.
  • After winning a jackpot, do not expect to repeat the success on a regular basis, and continue playing according to the strategy developed earlier.

Winning a jackpot is not a great rarity; it is known that they have occurred even on the first deposit, after a few bets. Its main advantage is that it does not depend on the size, the number of previous bets, or the gambler’s activity.

How to Find the

When choosing a slot, you can study infographics and other analytics on the slots where jackpots are most frequently won, where the largest sums have been won, and which slots offer the biggest wins at the moment.

To understand the specifics of a particular slot, you can play in demo mode. Here, no real money is required for bets, but you can identify certain patterns. For example, the online casino Ramenbet offers players this opportunity.

Payouts of Progressive Jackpots

Before playing for a jackpot, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the rules for their withdrawal. Many online casinos limit the amount that can be withdrawn per month. For instance, if the limit is 1,000 USDT and you win 100,000, it will take over 8 years to withdraw the entire amount, which is hardly acceptable even for the most patient player.

This is particularly important considering that many establishments quickly exit this business, and there may be no payouts to your crypto wallet. Therefore, the payout policy should include a note stating that the limitation does not apply to progressive jackpots.


Studying reviews on independent forums about the integrity of casinos is a wise and responsible approach, but it takes time to get to grips with everything.

We, the CryptoCasino team, have tried to simplify the search for a reliable gaming platform for players. On our website, you can find a rating of online casinos that we have personally tested and selected the best ones. Use our recommendations, win, and write about your successes in the comments.

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